Anna Hazare taking the nation by storm

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Nation and Politics

Who would have thought a driver from the Indo-Pak war of 1965 war would become a hope for all the Indians in uprooting Corruption from India.  From school students to people who are in the twilight of their age, are with this man in a movement which has now taken the shape of battle for Independence- Independence from Corruption.  India, on a global platform, was always looked upon  as a state of snake charmers.  The super shocking scams over past few years have added more to its outlandish image. I am sorry to say this but soon we would be referred to as a land of scams. 2 G spectrum, Commonwealth Games scam, the Adarsh Scams are few scams which engrossed our attention. Who knows unwittingly there would be many more scams hurtling towards us. This feeling of melancholy is killing us inside.

Our politicians are indeed giving the foreigners another subject for humor.  India is the best place for when it comes to giving employment to the criminals. Right from Madhu Koda, Shibu Soren to the latest Suresh Kalmadi (There are many more but it’s useless to discuss their vivid and alluring criminal records here). People are questioning about the superfluous hype given to Anna or the ego of Anna becoming superior than the government. My intellect as an “aam aadmi” says Anna has managed to strike a chord in heart of every people who were gradually becoming invulnerable to corruption. Anna came into picture when the government switched to unresponsive and ineffective mode (Manmohan aka silent mode) . We transport people like Mayawati to the paramount of Indian glory then why we become anesthetized when it comes to a cause because of which the whole nation is starving. This mammoth rebellion should not stop easily.
Here is a big shout to all the people who think media is pointlessly egging Anna Hazare on. We are witnessing a history in the making now. Thousands of people are coming together to combat corruption.It is better to be a part of it. We have the power of twitter and Facebook.  If not anything else then atleast don’t use this platform to go against the normal tide. Corruption is amputating the common man’s vision slowly. As we say ‘With great power comes responsibility’. In the coming time our role will grow bigger. It is fine even if we don’t know much about Lok Pal bill, because at the end of the day we  all just want to cure our major ailment…CORRUPTION..

I would love to know what you thought....

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