Thank you Archies Gallery for everything!

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Love and Relationships

I don’t remember the last time I walked into an Archies gallery. With the introduction of so many superior gift centres at various malls, it certainly does not hold any logic for anyone of us now to visit an Archies gallery specifically. As we are nearing Valentine’s Day, my mind raced back to some precious old memories instinctively- the age of innocence and puerility. During my school and graduation days, there was only handful of gift shops that could match your desires and needs. Archies was the only gift shop that was symbolic of class, style and ‘koochie-kooh’ friendship and love gifts. Most importantly, it was a good source of seraphic greeting cards that could broach thousands of emotions just with one quotation. We did not have to display our emotions on Facebook or buy our beloved an expensive gadget. It was so simple, precise and yet rang a bell in our heart like no one else.


We did not have any website links to send each other, but we embraced each other with beautiful and creative Archies cards whether we had any occasion or not. I still remember I had a minor tiff with my hostel friend, and the next day I slipped a greeting card into her room that read “Friendship is a golden thread that ties us together through moments of smiles and tears.” No matter how much cliché and snappy it sounds now, at that time those words meant the world and had a Midas touch to it. She opened the door in couple of minutes and hugged me. We forgot everything as if nothing happened. No birthday party was complete without a greeting card. Due to my inability of keeping surprises, I used to roam around in college with greeting card in my bag at least ten days before the birthday of the concerned person.

The first time I gave something to my mother was a quotation coffee mug that was customized for Mother’s day. When first time someone fell in love with me, I was gifted an Archies friendship band, a heart shaped cushion and a musical greeting card- all exclusive Archies collection. When first time I started liking someone, I got a perfume and watch from Archies and expressed my feelings in the most direct words possible.  Of course whatever we do or think in those formative years nothing materializes. But, it makes you what you are today. It paints the canvas of your life with beautiful colours. And Archies is an integral part of my growing up years.

I am not sure whether teenagers today still believe in exchange of greeting cards and those thoughtful gifts, but I sincerely want to thank Archies for being associated with all the ‘Firsts’ of my life. No matter how much we try to masquerade as a responsible adult, Archies will always act as a harbinger of our puerility.



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