There is no pride as an Indian when it comes to Satya Nadelle!

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Tech News

Now, it is a very common scenario. Every time a person of Indian origin acquires a prominent place in abroad we start patting our back and go into a patriotic mode. Of course it is a good thing to have moments of self-congratulations, but certainly we are oblivious of many more layers attached to it. Take the case of the current CEO of Microsoft-Satya Nadella who is an Indian by origin but left Indian long time ago. We go rah-rah about the success of ‘Indians’ who do not have Indian citizenship anymore or not even born here. In fact, the media is going berserk celebrating the recognition received by Satya Nadelle.

But, my point here is shouldn’t we be worried about the rate at which brain-drain is happening and other developed countries are becoming a magnet to our talent? Shouldn’t we indulge in a deep scrutiny that why exactly it is so desirable to go abroad and serve other countries instead of our own? In today’s globalized world we are entitled to go anywhere, but we will naturally gravitate to locations that endow us infrastructure and opportunities for advancement. In India, unfortunately, we just witness mediocrity at every phase, and thus despite having a stamping of Indian education majority of Indian brains feel they would strike gold if they get an opportunity out of India.


It is felt India can only give challenges as opposed to opportunities. Issues like reservations for Jobs and education, bad infrastructure, corrupt and incompetent system have taken the form of a behemoth.  Overcoming these obstacles is an achievement in itself-you need not think about achieving anything else.  Nepotism and favouritism is an open secret even in private sectors. Kudos to Satya Nadella for beating the odds, but one must not forget he is an American product who was recognized by them and given valuable opportunities to establish / improve his abilities.

It’s time we get a grip on exporting of CEO’s, engineers or scientists to developed countries, and push the great minds to solve our social, economic and political challenges. Although it seems a distant dream now, nothing is impossible if India gives importance to meritocracy in every field.


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