Arvind Kejriwal’s 49 days stint as the Chief Minister just gave us a plot for TV serial

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Nation and Politics

When Aam Aadmi Party won 28 assembly seats on December 8 last year it was considered a remarkable achievement. Media and common man addressed Arvind Kejriwal as the game-changer in Indian politics. While the whole nation was in the grip of exhilaration, nobody could have imagined that it was just a script for soap opera or, as the writer Chetan Bhagat puts it, an “item dance” by the AAP members. The entire episode of the AAP party can even put the creativity of Ekta Kapoor to shame. The first twist in the plot came when Somnath Bharti conducted that infamous foray in Khirki Extension and Kejriwal-unlike his aam aadmi image- brought everything to halt in the capital just to defend his lumbering minister. This is when the Indian media and common man gained cautiousness and started questioning what was really happening. Is this what they were looking for?

Kejriwal and his party kept assuring the common man that it is the corrupt rival party that is doing all this to question their credibility, and soon their ‘honest’ efforts will be recognized by everyone. But, I guess, the damage was already done. The personalized soap opera of our capital was yet to witness another senseless twist. (Even Ekta Kapoor doesn’t introduce twists so frequently in her serials) Last week Kejriwal tried his best to force the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to file a FIR against Moily and Mukesh Ambani regarding alleged gas price hike. He was trying to do this in the absence of both-an evidence and jurisdictional authority. This act of Kejriwal may alarm the international business community who would feel it is better not to engage with an obsessive anarchist.


The exceptional victory of AAP in Delhi elections was a sign that people wanted change and it is certainly going to happen in the coming years. But Kejriwal’s political inexperience clipped the wings of the common man. Instead of showing modesty and learning the basics of administration, the people of Delhi, and the entire country for that matter, witnessed an egotistical demeanour. The final nail in the coffin (or the climax of the opera) was the resignation given by Kejriwal. The 49 days of political life of AAP showed just their reluctance to learn, reluctance to abide the rules, reluctance to respect democracy, and reluctance to be patient. Seriously Mr. Kejriwal you could have done so much for the common people who propelled you to power with a hope that you will bring a “change” to their lives. A little more patience and maturity was the only thing you needed if you actually wanted to do something. I am sure you have strong political ambitions, but in the process you affected the capital significantly. The issue of racist remarks and death of Nido Tania was brushed aside because of frequent hysterical twists and turns brought in your script. Truly, just like a TV serial, your party’s logic got suspended as quickly as possible.


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