Haunted with the ‘originality’ of copy-cat females

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Personal

“You know, white is my favourite colour. I just love wearing anything that is white in colour.”

“Yes, same with me yaar. I was going to say the same thing.”

“But, last time you said if there is one colour that defines you its pink.”

“Arey ha! But I love white also. I feel good when the color of my top is white.”

“ok. I find peach colour amazing too.”

“Yes of course. Nothing can replace peach. I have my wardrobe full of peach.”

With this you feel like banging your head on the wall. How many of you face similar “original” conversations in daily life? The statistics for political, commercial, educational and economical issues are tangible, but the government still has to find ways to monitor such copy cat females who will nod head at everything they are told, and trust me inki condition sach me serious hai! They will listen to blow by blow account of an incident/attire/philosophical talks/experience from someone and then present them to others as their own opinion. To my luck, I have encountered quite a few of this category, but the one whose so called “ingenuity” still haunts me is B. Let’s just address her as B because it is better not to make her condition more serious by naming her on public platform. I met her around a year back(as I had no other option because she was my colleague). At first, I thought she was very sweet and generous with her comments n compliments. Gradually, I realized she is sugar coated with everyone. Three days after my joining the office we were having a Shah Rukh Khan related conversation in the office cab while coming back from office.

“I am a diehard Shah Rukh Khan fan, but I am not partial when it comes to the kind of movies he is doing nowadays. I didn’t like Ra.One and Don 2 and I can scream from the rooftop about it.” I participated in the conversation.

“Ya I agree to you Indrani”. B supported me during this time.

Some other guys in the cab kept on adding their views until we reached our respective destinations.

I realized that something is wrong with this female when the next day- during lunch -some management people joined us in the pantry and this time she started her favourite movie star topic. She looked at our HR and said –

“I am a diehard Shah Rukh Khan fan, but I am not partial. I mean if he does bad work I can scream from roof top.”

I almost choked during that time. I forgot about the Dal Makhani in my lunch and just kept staring at her for a minute. She continued to eat as if nothing happened. Should I was not practicing anger management, I would have immersed her face in the makhani by now! One girl who was also present in the cab that day was gaping at me and trying to control her grin. The kind of lengths she went to remember and replicate each and every opinion of mine was epic in its own way. However, I chose to ignore this incident as getting into cat fight does not suit my tomboyish personality.

In the following weeks, I observed that she got “inspired” with my top/shirt patterns and colours and wore whatever she saw me wearing the previous day. It was as if god had whispered in her ears that do whatever Indrani does. It was getting nauseating with every passing day, but I was still trying to keep my cool as educated people are not supposed to get into altercations on minor issues.  Wait, aren’t our political leaders in parliaments educated too? Anyway, let’s not deviate not from our topic.

Some days later, she came to me asked “Hey Indrani, which company watch are you wearing? It’s very nice.”

“It’s Casio. I always wear metal strap watch as it suits my personality. The leather or synthetic strap is definitely not for me.” I replied her with a cunning smile and controlled my urge to use the metal strap to lacerate her cheeks.

My blood pressure level reached an entirely new place of zenith when I saw her wearing a metal strap watch the next week and moving her hands in the best possible ways to flaunt her new watch. I am not sure whether it was of the same brand but it certainly looked a replica of my watch. My God!  this girl not only steals my thoughts but is also trying to steal my total personality- I thought to myself. That same day I heard her telling a girl that how she only prefers wearing metal strap watch as it is more close to her individuality. That was it! I thought of discussing this topic with a colleague but then I thought it would seem so self-indulgent of me because no one really pays any heed to such anomalies. Her whats app and Facebook pictures were clicked in the same manner as my profile pictures were. I thought I was losing my mind.


Unfortunately, I and B were in the same team and so I had to interact with her on a daily basis. She even started speaking specific words that I used in official emails or chats. It was like someone was lifting words from my mind’s dictionary. I was feeling helpless with every passing day, but was forced to put up a brave front. I was confident of my strong personality and knew nothing can break me easily, but you tell me isn’t it irksome to see a girl behaving as a mirror image of you?

One day I thought of testing her in order to confirm whether all this was intentional or coincidental. Not that I had doubt regarding her psychological condition, but it was just to quench my intellectual mind that was asking for rational evidence. During an official chat with her, I deliberately started a tête-à-tête regarding life, movies, music and many more things. While chatting, I used some so called modern words like yaar, f*** and sh** in order to sound cool in front of her. At first she was unable to cope up with my speed and was replying in her normal sugary mode, but suddenly even she started using those words. In the evening, I saw her addressing some of the girls as yaar.

It was a victory in itself.  My rational side of brain asking for evidence was now sure that this girl is as constant as pie(mathematical value 22/7). Nothing will ever change in her life ever. I smirked and laughed at myself that how I was getting worried for a girl who has no personality of her own. She just repeats the opinions of everyone-not just me. There is no comparison between me and her then why the hell do I need to infuriate with the entry of such incorrigible people! At least I should feel proud that I am influential and strong enough to be emulated by someone.

I did nothing. I just came to office the next day and changed my official id’s status as “A good personality is within. It can never be copied or borrowed from anyone. Trying to be someone else is complete abuse of oneself.” With this, I guess, I summed up what I wanted to tell her and to every other person who fail to identify their true personality and get lost in the process of trying to be popular by imitating others. Instead of feeling zoned out I started avoiding her as much as I could. Finally she got my point and didn’t cross my path after that.

Last month she resigned from our organization reasoning that she lacked an amicable work environment here. Wish I could tell her that people would be interested to talk to her the day she would be a unique person instead of being the person you are talking to! After all, no one likes talking to mirror on a daily basis. I hope B and people similar to her will recover from their serious condition someday- at least they can try to.

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  1. Mancy says:

    Wow Indy! That did sound like some real serious condition. Gosh, I loved hearing your “Kissas – events” and laughing out loud about how some people literally went crazy and some really and some un-digestible events took place. I appreciate of how you take things in positive and absolute funny way – its like whenever I am with you, I am on my laughter ride. You are an absolute fun to be with and surely have a great personality. As a writer, you are simply rocking in sharing your thoughts with us; your readers.

    • @Mancy: hahaha..Yeah there have been many ‘interesting’ personalities in my life. I will make it a point to share all the incidents with you soon. This post was written specifically for a contest held by Five Star. The results are awaiting. Even if I don’t win, I would be happy that at least you liked it 🙂

  2. Ishtpreet says:

    Topiyan utar chuki hai…..tareef karte karte…

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