Take a break! Travel and rejuvenate…

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Lifestyle

There is a common link between life and travelling- both take you to unknown territories that are waiting to get explored by you.  Normally our lives are always propelled with extremities; there is nothing today that can be expected to encounter at a normal civilized pace.  Demanding jobs, psycho bosses, taxing work hours, tempestuous traffic and weekend socializing does not leave you with much energy/inclination to THINK. Even your Saturdays and Sundays are spent in bank works or getting your geyser fixed. After slogging day and night 24*7 you undeniably need an annual or quarterly break to get out of the daily chaos and restore the spark inside you.

Many of us don’t harbour a travelling streak as we keep on looking for a reason to set out on a journey. The fact is, there is not always a reason to do things that make you happy and connect to your genesis.  Your walk to your glass walled cabin carrying a satchel every day. Your boss appreciates you and counts on you because you are good at work. But, I feel, you need to give an equal playing ground to every need. From where do you think there will be an instigation of unique, creative ideas in your mind if it is stagnant for a very long time? No matter how much you are pleased with life, ups and downs are part of our journey. The stress of unmet expectations can take a toll on your overall well-being. The daily struggle and worrying not only bog us down but also fail to get us any tangible result.  Why do we strive to earn more? Just for saving money when we fall ill in the old age or for buying four wheelers? No! We earn because we desire to lead a happy and comfortable life. The time in which we are living now will never come back (unless a Time Machine is discovered in the near future).

Travelling helps to channelize your energy and understand your aspiration in a calm and composed comportment.  Once you go to a new place, the initial apprehension transforms into cajoling your inner self wherein you discover new things about nature, your companions and most importantly about your soul. You strike a conversation with yourself and invigorate your mind to dig deeper and think.  Ever since I started working, I always make it a point to plan an annual vacation with my family/friends. It significantly eliminates my phobia and turns my weakness into strength. Furthermore, it brings me closer to my loved ones, which is otherwise not possible in my hectic schedule.  Being in the profession of writing, my constant challenge is to better myself with every passing day, and that is only possible when I stop watching and start observing.


One of my unfulfilled dreams is to get ticket booked to a random place, meet new people and learn about their life; if required make notes about every destination just like a student. Provided you are adult enough to take care of yourself, there is a different fun altogether in sleeping on a railway station, asking for lifts, roaming carefree, hearing your inner calling and immersing yourself completely in the ambience.  It will stir many new things within you, sometimes peculiar, but mostly joyful. Oh by the way, while I am writing this article, I am going through ‘make my trip’ to plan my next vacation with two of my close friends to GOA!!! 🙂

  1. Mancy says:

    Your article is deeply encouraging me to have a day out with my beau on this weekend. Travelling can be anywhere and anytime. To me, its about connecting yourself with nature (Nature’s call – you see :P) and some quality times to spend with your close ones. I had a thought while I was with Akshay last evening in the elevator to my apartment – The perfect moments are never planned and there is nothing like perfect couple. Its all about living and being yourself to the fullest. Thanks a ton, hon! Like always, I enjoyed reading this and trust me I was dearly waiting for something to read – and voila, its like my wish is granted.

  2. Akshit Choudhary says:

    One of the most common dream every person thinks of but never executes it cos we all are programmed to function in a routine with no scope for randomness and chaos. Unplanned trips are always an adventure given one can take care of oneself. Been in many such trips and totally totally endorse such ideas!! 🙂

  3. @Mancy: You are absolutely right in saying that perfect moments can never be planned. Life is too small to worry and to carry on with sadness. Next time you feel low, just pack your bags and follow your heart..Cheers

  4. @Akshit: Yes I am familiar with your adventurous spirit..You know its the best way to rediscover your soul..Just go out and have fun…Discover the strength and get rid of the weakness in you… 🙂

  5. Ishtpreet says:

    planning trip wid close friends/? iss duniya mei kahi kya koi nahi bhule se humko yaad kare…Loved this one too…as always…u r amazing huny..

  6. Boon says:

    loved your piece of writing .. i know yu’ve been writing well … but didnt know the skills are soo polished now .. proud of yu , my girlie !! talk soon

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