Happy Anniversary to my favourite woman! :)

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Personal, Social

Hey you wonderful woman!

How are you doing? I know it’s been long since you have heard from me and no explanation will justify my unpardonable absence. Nevertheless, the purpose of writing this letter is getting in touch with you again just like earlier days. Every year on 8th March we celebrate our anniversary and I promise to keep your viewpoint intact and guard my vulnerability, but somehow I tend to forget everything once the anniversary week is over.

A lot has gone by from the time when you did not understand the connotation of freedom and yet had a longing to stand on your own feet, to a time when you got confined to manipulated meanings of freedom which subdued the lamp of desire and smudged the shades of social equality, illuminating the self-absorbed drive of people.

I know tears well up in your eyes when your womb is checked to know whether or not you are going to produce someone of opposite sex. You get filled with self-doubt when your choice of attire is questioned. Every inch of your mental bandwidth gets dismayed when you get constant updates of bastards making forceful entry into someone like you either through their third erect leg or metal rods. Since you are expected to be a personification of empathy, you try to salvage your marriage which was left in the dust of disrespect like leftovers in a dump yard. When you are promoted in office, I know, the constant allegation of being deceitful to your moral character rattles the breath out of your body. You have to draw a lot of flak if you speak your mind or someone sees you with a bottle of beer in your hand.


Oblivion is the new freedom, assurance is the new consistency, patience is the new food, court cases are the new infidelity, brutality is the new mode of communication, and –after all atrocious acts—a Facebook update is the new mutiny. Something is really nibbling your beautiful heart every moment and even though there may not be a magic potion for all ailments, but a ray of optimism kindles when at least some steps are taken in the right path.

On this International Women’s Day 8th March I am going to celebrate my anniversary with you woman i.e. my inner self. I am going to rejoice being a woman. As an anniversary gift, I vow to hold you whenever you are wavering. I promise that I will give you the opportunity to blossom. I promise that I will not let anyone take you for granted because of your compassionate nature. I promise that I will put up a brave front and retort whenever unwarranted tsunami of accusations is ousted over us. I will not shove any topic of discussion under the carpet just to please everyone. Needless to say, I love you woman and the intuitive understanding between you and me will only grow with years.

Yours lovingly,

Indrani Singha


  1. Mancy says:

    Thanks for reminding me of what I am. It was much needed and I am feeling very loving after reading it. While reading your article, it was like both the voice in my head felt like its mine but somehow I could see you helping me to say all of it. My heartfelt thanks to you for being there for me.

    • @Mancy: You know once in a while it is always gratifying to connect with your inner self. And yes we women always rock 😉 Thanks again for reading. Keep the blessings coming!

  2. Akshit Choudhary says:

    The best one till now from your pen. Loved this. “Oblivion is the new freedom, assurance is the new consistency, patience is the new food, court cases are the new infidelity, brutality is the new mode of communication, and –after all atrocious acts—a Facebook update is the new mutiny.”–THE best line.
    Day in day out, you keep thinking and after so many articles, you are shining brilliantly. Loads of appreciation for you my friend. And of course looking forward to meet you with beer in our hands. 😀
    Keep writing buddy. Food for soul. 🙂

    • @Akshit: Yes you are right. Day after day my only challenge is to churn out thought-provoking and intriguing matters from my pen. And, you know, its because of friends like you I feel very grounded and motivated. I feel blessed for this! We will surely meet soon buddy 😀

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