Yes, I have a huge problem with “K”!

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Lifestyle, Personal

It is said that communication is the only thing that sets us apart from animals. But, I beg to differ. Going by the current societal standards, an ‘eloquent’ communication is the only thing that sets the demarcation.  Even animals can communicate with sounds or body language. Sms-ing, Whats App and several other chat messengers have inscribed an undeviating spot in our lives. We are in awe of this infectious device that lets us write to our friends and get reply from them in fraction of seconds. However, there is something that is blurring the demarcation between communication and cohesive communication.

Imagine a situation when you are engaged in a text conversation wherein you are seeking an advice or sharing something insightful, and then suddenly your chat window is at the receiving end of something called “K”. So what is it exactly? Apparently, the tech savvy “busy” people use “K” as an easy replacement for Okay or OK. There is no harm in using short-cuts because at the end of the day anything that serves the purpose and saves your time is considered user-friendly. So, for many people like me –No Problem becomes NP, Time Pass becomes TP and By the Way becomes BTW.


All this while we have exchanged so many series of text messages in which the vowels disappeared, words got eaten up and sense of correct spelling took a backseat.  Often we r plunged into this pseudo wrestling territory where our mind has to grapple for guessing and understanding the word/sentence that is received in the chat box.  Recently, I got a reply as 2G, and after a curious inquest I got to know that 2G meant too good. Even though I lost my appetite after learning it, still, I would say, it is acceptable as long as it is not crossing the periphery of intellectual capacity. However, I have a serious issue with getting reply as K.

I can deal with almost every kind of SMS lingo, but somehow when I get a reply as ‘K’ my mind becomes numb and blood boils. To begin with, it seems outright offensive. It appears that the sender is unable to spare even a microsecond to add an extra O before K or type a short word like Okay. This has become a trend either because people are too sluggish or find it too Kool as they see even their friends using it. When someone types in a message to you, he/she is looking for your complete attention or at least a stance that proves that you are paying heed to what they said. It is very similar to looking into the eyes while talking instead of staring at the wall around you. In this way, you give value and respect to the person with whom you are having a conversation. But, “K” defeats that whole purpose straightaway.


If this was not enough then the last nail in the coffin is using “KK” in place of just K. If you can actually dash off two letters at that moment then why not reply with a polite and decent OK instead of KK. Can anyone please explain what is meant by KK? Most people have this pretence of being busy and always being immersed in texts, which they feel gives them the liberty to use a flippant letter as the mode of communication. Some people, on the other hand, use it unintentionally because it is fashionable to reproduce what others are doing. You will certainly not want to subject your friends and acquaintances to this dishonour.


As described above, K can mean Killing, K can mean King, K can mean Kidding, K can mean Kiss, K can mean Potassium scientifically, and oh yes K can mean Kinky too. So, if next time, any of your friend replies you as K ask them immediately what they meant. C’mon people it hardly takes a second to precede your K with the letter O. Make the person on the other end feel special and wanted. There is no need to separate O and K in the pretext of sounding contemporary and hip. 🙂


Disclaimer: All the pictures used in this article are result of Google.

  1. Isht says:

    OK! Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar’s favorite article i am sure 🙂

  2. Mancy says:

    Lol Indy! You’re always back with a bang. ‘K’ is literally that one alphabet that gives me plenty of thoughts and most of the time it begins with planning a murder of its user. Lol, seriously, people must understand the importance of communications instead of simply following the trend to be ‘Kool’. 🙂 Thanks a ton, darling. I shall keep checking your blog, as I am currently away from Facebook temporarily.

    • @Mancy: You know yesterday I was looking for you on Facebook to share this article with you and was quite sad to see your deactivated account. But, I am so happy yaa you read it and yes you shall keep a track of my blog or else you might miss out on some life-changing sarcastic articles 😛 😀 Cheers…

  3. Akshit Choudhary says:

    The worst part being, you write down along reply, almost like an essay, and the reply comes back in a single character!!! Morons!!

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