An open letter to stalkers

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Love and Relationships

Dear Stalkers,

I am sure by now you must have tried umpteen times to check my ‘last seen’ on Whats app and tried to analyze whether or not I am reading your love-filled messages. Well, to begin with, I have deactivated my ‘last seen’ feature thanks to the logically-challenged attention showered on me by you. No, please don’t make a teary-eyed expression. I am done with that. This letter is for you and several other stalkers like you in different states of India who keep on forcing their love and undying attention on girls in spite of showing an exit door more than ten thousand times.


I can vouch for the fact that every girl, somewhere at the back of the mind, yearns for a partner who adores and pampers her till the end of life. However, there is a thin line between mutually falling in love and vehemently making someone fall in love by reminding the other person day and night about your ‘true’ feelings. I am glad you have gathered the courage to be upfront about your feelings, but hey, you must really learn to leave it at that instant only. Once you are open about your feelings, your only job should be to wait patiently for things to fall in place. If, god forbid, your love get unrequited then don’t take it as a prestige issue, and embark on a new challenge of life to make her yours by hook or by crook.

You stalkers need to consider a hypothetical situation. Imagine a situation when someone, for whom you are yet to have any feelings, starts pinging or calling you after every 30 minutes; goes through your Facebook pictures–regardless of your Bradley Cooper or Kamaal R Khan type looks–and keeps ‘liking’ it followed by praising/asking you about it; keeps a track of everything, for instance, at what time you come online or go out of your home; threatens to end his/her life every alternate week if you do not reply, and eventually does nothing substantial to prove the suicidal threat. How does it sound? I will tell you.

At first, you will feel cajoled with everything, and then slowly you will get an ego boost about your desirability. Ultimately, in the course of 3-4 months, the feeling of getting stalked and suffocated grows on you. You experience an emotional tug of war wherein you realize that you do not want to be with this person and yet cannot ignore him/her directly fearing that something bad will happen post the pseudo ‘friendship’ break-up. That’s it. This is what millions of girls like me feel when they are stalked physically, mentally and even virtually.  Don’t you get it dude that you do not hold that significant position in our lives? If there was actually something tangible then certainly we would have shown some sort of compassion in our behaviour by now.


I confess that there are some women who would take advantage of your weak position and give you false hopes in return of expensive gifts and dinners. But, that is entirely your call whether you would let anyone take advantage of you or not. However, there are also many women who do not follow the ‘use men’ formula. If a woman is completely ignoring you then it is your duty to give her space instead of drilling into her mind that you love her.

It is understood that no one sets out to do something that would hurt others, but on many occasions, your one-sided love can insidiously come in the way of happiness of others. Thinking that talking to someone 24 hours will get you unconditional love from someone is completely your short-sightedness and unwillingness to go to the root of predicament. The recipe of so called LOVE is always cooked willingly by two individuals together. You need not serve love on a platter and compel the other person to have it anyhow.


No one can pull a farce for long.  So, why you want to be at the mercy of someone? Instead start leading your life with added self-respect. Even if someone rejects your love, be moderate in your practice and take it in your stride. You have to move on because at the end of the day you have many other things to do in life. In larger scheme of things, unrequited love can only make you stronger and a better person.

I hope after reading this there will be some kind of enlightenment in your otherwise passionate mind, and you will not leave your goodness behind at any cost.

Lots of regards (if you decide to leave me),



Disclaimer: All pictures used are a result of Google search.

  1. R Vyas says:

    I can relate to this very well..There was a time when I seriously thought of giving up a social platform
    just because every time I logged in my message box would be flooded with weird annoying messages

    • Hello Vyas, I am glad you took out time to read this. I hope this write up serves a good medium for letting men know what exactly goes on in our mind. Next time, if someone harasses you with sentimental messages just share the link of this article 😉 Cheers \m/

  2. Akshit Choudhary says:

    Seems like no regards for me! 😛

  3. Mancy says:

    Hence, I’ve left using smart phones really long time back. This was the primary reason then. 🙂

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