Aap to creative type ke ho ! :-o

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Lifestyle, Personal

Recently I was having a healthy discussion with my juniors regarding the upcoming elections, latest movie releases, and their reviews. I didn’t realize when the course of the discussion took a perceptive turn and I ended up coming up with some profound details and possibilities. Suddenly, a girl told me “Are all writers like this or you are an exception?” Another one added, “Arey aap to creative type ke ho. These people are like this only.” I didn’t realize whether that was a flattering remark or a spiteful comment at that time, but later when I sat down to think, I was quite pleased with the conundrum that was attached to it.


I am not a self-proclaimed creative person because personally, I believe, everyone is born with a creative streak. Howbeit, while growing up, some hone their creativity by thinking out of the box, and some forget that they had something like this in the first place. Creativity works in mystifying and often contradictory ways. Although creative thinking is a constant, significant characteristic, it may suffer a setback based on situation and perspective. On some occasion, inspiration and thoughts crop up out of nowhere, and when you need them the most they refuse to show up. As per my observation, creative personality types are highly complicated people because they do not tend to get attached to a fixed habit; one day you would see them talking a lot on almost every subject, and the other day you would find them seeking solitude desperately. Some days you would find them highly alert, and some days you would be baffled to witness their daydreaming episodes endlessly.

Even though there are no typical ‘creative type’ characteristics, you can distinguish a creative mind from a normal mind by these standard traits:

Observation and Curiosity

People who tend to think differently are greedy with the notion of knowing each and everything. They have an inclination to understand human psychology better so they want to know every why, when, how and where. For them, there is never an end to learning. So, they try to satisfy the complexities and contradictions of human mind by grasping whatever comes in their way. Not necessarily every time, but if you have a colleague or friend who has a habit of questioning, observing and writing down on a notebook or laptop after a new experience, you must know that you are dealing with an imaginative mind.


Solitude and Peace

One of the most unique traits of a creative mind is fearlessness. They are not afraid to stay alone. In fact, they find their own company very uplifting. In order to open the mind to constructive things and think profoundly, creative people make perfect use of solitude. It is very difficult to listen to your creative voice amidst all the daily chaos of life. Loneliness is one of the few ways that let them get in touch with their inner self.


Traumatic events acts as a catalyst for them

It is a proven fact that the majority of success stories came into existence only after pain and heartbreak. An artist takes the hardships of life in stride and uses them as a catalyst to show a considerable creative growth. Their spiritual thought process and personal strength allows them to sense new possibilities in life. In fact, their passion for a particular art becomes a cathartic process to take out the cynicism and have a different standpoint on reality.


Not afraid to take risks

The ‘creative types’ are always enthusiastic to take risks in diverse facets of their lives. This is because sticking to a routine will make their judgment monotonous and stagnant. They always have the guts to tread paths that not many have explored before. As a result, they will always have exclusive ideas under their belt even if it means going out of the way and defying the standard norms. They know how to downplay a situation and wiggle their way out it.

Contrary to what people believe, nurturing a creative mind requires a lot of hard work, dedication, meditation and conviction. You cannot demean it by simply calling it a God’s gift. They are normal people like us, but creativity is an unusual liberating and idiosyncratic process. In retrospect, it is better to let them have a soul-searching analysis to harness the congenital power of mind and keep their mojo up.


Disclaimer: All photographs used are result of Google search.

  1. Mancy says:

    Wow! This was like – I was simply trying to compare if at all I had those qualities of a Genius Mind; aka creative mind. Thanks a lot for sharing such detailed information and I’m so glad that people are counting on you as one of the creative types – You’ve always been an awesome writer for me, though being classified into something is not really anybody might love to. Still sweety, enjoy your day! When they call you by some name, its basically because they cannot be it. 🙂

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