Pull up your low-butt Jeans please!

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Lifestyle, Personal
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We love wearing jeans, isn’t it? It not only makes us feel comfortable, but also let us slip our wallet, phone or any other essential item into it peacefully, eliminating the need to carry a bag separately on most occasions. Of course it assists to elevate your trifling fashion sense as well. Of late the purpose of wearing jeans has gone several steps beyond style and has led to the advent of a fashion blooper called Baggy Jeans. For those who are unaware of this term—though have seen its effect everywhere around them, Baggy Jeans are wide leg jeans that are relatively loose and relaxing around the waist and thighs.


Sporting a Baggy style is considered one of the most trendy things today. All style is good with me until, in the ploy of getting a fashionable look, your baggy jeans starts sliding down to reveal your butt cracks. Oh! This is the most nauseating view I get these days, and unfortunately the frequency of such sights are escalating by leaps and bounds. Wherever you go–a shopping mall, restaurant, theater, pub, office–you are likely to bump into at least one person who is ready to show you his vital assets via his low-waist jeans. I think by now I can recognize any lad of my city with his butt type!

I never knew that now the time has come when fashion actually means wearing a low waist baggy jeans and bending everywhere at the drop of a hat, and baaaamm showing your out-of-shape hip bone. These low waist jeans clad men are always a topic of discussion amongst girls. Well, don’t get excited because we just wait for you to bend down while getting a snooker shot, and—controlling our giggles—count the seconds/minutes/hours you take to get back your sanity and pull them up. If the lady luck is on our side, we can also witness your jeans touching up to your knee with élan. Whom are you kidding dude? Do you actually think girls would get impressed with such an outrageous fashion sense and those crude views? If yes, then I really need to surprise you with a reality check!


Try to analyze yourself that whether the floral underwear is classy enough to be flaunted. Moreover, in any part of the world you go, JOCKAY, NOIKE, GAEP and POMA will never get the recognition of international brands. If you are so fascinated to flaunt your underwear then for god’s sake wear an authentic brand like JOCKEY, NIKE, GAP and PUMA, and please spare us the horror. I am never against the idea of baggy jeans, but sweetheart you need to understand that showing butt cheeks is not even remotely close to being sexy. Irrespective of your good physique and charming face, butt crack in public is always looked upon in pure disgust.

If you want to justify your ‘flasher’ approach with air space and comfort then opt for the desi Lungi next time. At least you will get enough air down there and, thanks to Honey Singh, you may also break into a Lungi Dance whenever required. Next time, kindly pull up the pants and keep your underwear out of sight before your manhood comes out in public with a powerful gust of wind.


If you can’t afford to get rid of this so called Cool Style Quotient, then please get a BELT!

P.S: This post is issued in public interest.


Disclaimer: All pictures are a result of Google search!


  1. Akshit Choudhary says:

    hahaha. Too good a topic to write on. And seriously, recognize city people by butts!!? You surely pay a lot of attention it seems. 😉 😀

  2. pkdeka says:

    hilarious.. the pictures … too much .. thanks for writing this

    • @pkdeka: LOL. Well, I do not have any copyright over the pictures, but yes they are too hilarious and strangely they are a reality in today’s time 😉 Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. veena kavia says:

    ha ha…thanx 4 writng nd sharing on such an obvious bt unique topic…still laughing..nd no words 4 those pic…:D

  4. soniek says:

    Hilarious post. I wonder when showing the butt crack became the in thing. I mean the crack is a thing which is supposed to be in, not out.

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