Raping someone is not a ‘mistake’ Mr. Yadav!

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Nation and Politics, Social
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I will not mince words this time. I couldn’t sleep last night properly. The statement of chief of the political party Samajwadi Party kept echoing in my mind. Often we hear politicians giving controversial statements with a clear intention to gather attention from different sections of the country. After this, well articulated debates are held on various news channels, the newspapers are filled with feature articles regarding it, and it just takes few hours and a McDonald’s burger to get out of the disturbing phase. Today, it’s different.

Mulayam Singh Yadav crossed every line of civilization and compassion this time. A politician, who once held the position of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and now, boasts of limitless political muscle power, made a statement that is nothing short of demeaning, insensitive, dehumanizing, and brutally misogynistic. Saying – “Rape accused should not be hanged. Boys make mistakes.” – left every individual of this country in a state of acrimony. For a second, I thought I heard something wrong and maybe I need to get to the bottom of this news again. But, to my dismay, he actually had the temerity to say what he said.


Do you know what a rape victim and her family has to go through? If some day your daughter or wife, god forbid, goes through it then you would know how big the ‘mistake’ is! A rape victim is unwillingly forced to live with a damaged self esteem for the rest of her life. The social stigma and prolonged judiciary system just adds to her misery. You make someone dead by her soul and call it a bloody MISTAKE! In the times when we are considering nothing less than a deterrent punishment for the rapists, you are mouthing some illogical statements to support the action of rapists. Do you deserve to be called a human being? In fact, this is not enough. There is an incessant list of ‘mistakes’ did by your party. You and your little boys have been ‘raping’ our country for many years, and still there is no closure to it.

We still haven’t forgotten how IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal was fired just because she demanded the demolition of an illegitimate mosque wall. Later, the suspension was retracted because of too much public outrage. Another little ‘mistake’ done in the tenure of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s (your boy) tenure was the ghastly communal riots of Muzaffarnagar that killed/injured hundreds of people. And when thousands of riot victims were struggling to commence a new life in relief camps, you and your CM son were enjoying watching women dance in a “Bollywood Night” extravaganza at the SaiFi Festival.




Yadav’s statement is surely excruciating, but now our duty as the potential voter starts after this. We cannot afford to elect leaders like him because it will not only encourage rape, but will also disregard the very theory of democracy. By defying the new anti-rape law, Yadav has brought into light a gruesome mentality that can turn the sensibilities of people into dust.

I strongly support Kiran Bedi when she says, “This statement is not just against women, it is against the society. He should be punished with no votes.” Today, the time has come to stir our conscience once again and vote only to the party which can deliver what is expected out of it; a leader who will not say boys will be boys because a real gentleman is one who allows the fellow countrymen to breath in peace, respect and dignity. And, Yadav ji, DIGNITY and RESPECT are some words that you are still not familiar with.


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  1. pooja says:

    I totally agree! It is a shameful fact that we as Indians have such leaders!

  2. When i first read his statement, I pinched myself twice to make sure I was not dreaming or stoned

  3. arshelakhter says:

    Politicians in our country have been so much misusing the law to their advantage that they are now afraid that laws like the newly amended rape law will be use against them or their henchmen. This, to me, seems to be only reason why the ex UP CM is opposing the law in its amended form.

  4. R Vyas says:

    what else we can expect from such illiterate politicians..its shameful !!

  5. Sometimes we need to understand what a person says. May be Mulaymji said that rapists should not be hanged but they can be shot or killed with a sword like they do it in Saudi Arabia. There are other means of killing such boys you see.

    • @MWF: I like your sarcastic view on the issue, but if you read his comment then he actually called a barbaric crime like rape just a ‘mistake’. And just for this inhuman conduct he should be banned from everywhere.

  6. Mancy says:

    Once again, loved your article and the thread of comments. Sweetie, I really wish for you to have lots of visits and views here since you are creating awareness and the good part is that you have your own style in sharing your thoughts and concerns that is very important for a writer and we as a reader are absolutely able to get connected with you very easily. Great work, girl

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