‘Ungli’ of a common man

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Ever wondered what the ‘Ungli’ of a common man can do?

With an aim to grab the pulse of the voters in this election season, Vebbler-a popular social networking site-has launched an innovative movement called the ‘Ungli Campaign’. This campaign aims to bring hundreds of campuses into voting booths in this election. I usually do not encourage any kind of promotion or endorsement on my blog, but when I was asked to promote such a noble thought of Voting, I just couldn’t say no.

It can be considered the first ever platform where individuals can engage in political discussions/opinions with voters, activists, NGO’s, political parties –all under one platform. In order to kick start the promotion, The Ungli Song’ was launched which features Shibani Kashyap and The Band of Boys. What’s more, celebrities like Arbaaz Khan, Sonu Sood, and Prachi Desai showed their support to the campaign by featuring in the video.


The campaign was covered extensively by the Times of India, and interestingly, just within 15 hours of its launch, the song received more than 1500 youtube views. Here is a link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFOK7HuClIs

Enough has been said about the significance of voting for uplifting the remorseful condition of our state. I will not preach any more. Just one thought-  If you want to bring a positive change, get off the couch, and please vote instead of complaining for the next 20 years. You do not have any right to criticize the loopholes until you get your finger inked. My itch to vote still has to wait till 12 MAY 2014. Can’t wait to be part of the CHANGE!

Disclaimer: The picture is a part of Google search and I do not have any copyright over it!

  1. Ratul Majumdar says:

    people should come forward to show their power and responsibility towards Nation after five long years…. Plzzz don’t let it go……But I am sure few cruels will always try to snatch your rights…. Just show them a “UNGLI” and put your Vote……

  2. Mancy says:

    Very precise and I love to read your articles when I’m seriously getting bugged at work. This is so refreshing like you. Tons of thanks and my best wishes to get you the most number of hits and views. Good luck, gal. You rock. 🙂

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