Happiness awaits you in a tube of fairness cream……….WTF!

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Lifestyle, Personal, Social, Television
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The idea of writing this new post struck me when, out of boredom, I was watching a telemarketing program this morning. I don’t exactly remember the product’s name (and thank god for that), but it endorsed a “life-changing” skin cream that could make you fair in just 10 days. Strangely, this head-banging ordeal did not stop just there; the ad further depicted a life situation where a “sawnli ladki” walks into an office for the purpose of giving an interview, and in parallel to her, a woman with a flawless “fair” skin comes too. No prizes for guessing who got the job. The girl with the amazing “gorapan and nikhar” had the offer letter in her hand by the end of the advertisement.


The admakers made it more attention-grabbing by taking the help of a fairness meter! Oh Yes, you read it right? There is actually a magic card to measure the fairness of your skin because it has got the different skin shades embedded on it. Irrespective of the technological advancement, it is heartbreaking to see, we fall prey to these plastic cards and magic potions on a daily basis. It becomes more offensive when I see celebrities endorsing these fairness creams and continuously drilling a theory into our head that it is easy for fairer people to win a beauty pageant, woo a girl, get a job—in short achieve anything in life.

All my life I have been an ardent worshipper of Shahrukh Khan because I admired the way his willpower and determination shaped his career path despite not having a godfather. However, now when I see him giving all the credit of his success to a fairness cream just for earning some quick money, I get annoyed and baffled at the same time.


According to these people, all the potential achievements in this world are stored in a small tube of Rs. 5. What an amazing theory, isn’t it? Going by this theory, working hard for success is an old-school concept now. All we need to do now is buy a fairness cream. It is really a time to ponder where our advertisement and marketing industry is heading. People need to analyze that if there was even an ounce of truth to these claims then all Indian women would have turned fair by now.


In fact, truth to be told, none of us have come across even one person till today who got married, cracked a job interview or achieved success because of his/her skin colour. Surely our stupidity is paving the way of luxury for many admakers. The lives of Nelson Mandela, Obama, Oprah, Bipasha Basu, Nandita Das, Rajnikanth are an overt testimony that fairness is nowhere related to accomplishment. The feeling of being beautiful and self-confident comes from within and no product can ever bring that out for you.

Sadly no one is willing to understand that love is devoid of any skin colour and so is success!!!!!


Disclaimer: All pictures are a result of Google search and I have no copyright over them.

  1. Akshit Choudhary says:

    These ads actually exploit the common human nature. I think, the human conscience of weighing fair over dark is the real culprit to be blamed.

    • @Akshit: Right. Also, the ad world feeds on the under-confidence of people. They constantly want to prove that FAIR is desirable and rest everything is TRASH. The day people will start realizing and confidence and beauty is skin deep, they wont ever need such creams!

      • “Beauty may strike, their eyes may roll….
        Charm that work wonders,
        But merit wins the soul…..”

        Long back, I remember saying that to dear friend…but are we truly and readily crossing the quagmire of ‘fairness’,
        Sad, but still hopeful…

  2. You know what… We both think the same way… literally the same way… I love Shahrukh Khan because of his successful life and hate when someone says looking good is what matters… A person has to look beautiful to get a job and seek other’s attention?… What crap… Awesome post… Effusing in maturity… good one…

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