You may never see her wearing a sexy skirt to a party or discussing her broken nails. You will spot her preferring beer mugs over Negroni cocktail. Forget about the pink sandals; you will see her wearing grey shoes even on a hot date. And yet –whether good or bad-she manages to draw right amount of attention from every corner of the room. Yes, I am talking about your gal pals who can never fit into the category of refined, high-heeled girls. Theoretically, they are referred as Tomboyish girls. Tomboys mostly tend to think, behave and talk like men. So it should not marvel you if they are ruthlessly straightforward, talk about gadgets, indulge in sports, resist typical feminine qualities, and share a ‘bromance’ kind of rapport even with their male friends.


One will seldom come across a tomboy petulant about the colour of her nail paint, spa sessions, hair extensions or the attire she is going to wear in the next party. They are exceedingly direct and unadulterated in nature. She can advise you how to pacify your ultra glam girlfriend and also borrow your pyjama if needed. Their “don’t care” attitude often makes them the best friend to any girl or guy. However, on many occasions, people tend to assume too many wrong things or behave erroneously while dealing with a tomboy.

To being with, a large number of guys presume that tomboys have no inclination towards passion and love. Even if she is not a high maintenance woman when it comes to fashion or jewellery, it does not make her any less woman. There is strong unexplored desire in her to be treated with reverence and sensitivity. Underneath the shorts and sneakers, there is a lady who probably enjoys a sense of security when she gets attention from men. But, sadly, men are fascinated with the idea of having an ultra glam woman as their arm candy while a tomboyish girl is only looked upon as his “best friend” in times of need.


Secondly, owing to their lack of “girly-girl” approach, tomboys are often mislabelled or perceived as lesbians. God never created a hard and fast rule that only those girls who talk about pink clothes and lipsticks deserve to be called straight. Being a homosexual is a personal choice and it has nothing to do with your likes or dislikes. It is a downright insult to someone’s individuality if you categorize tomboyish girls like that. She may have a hard shell, but she dotes on her friends and confides in them. After all, deep within she is a loving and compassionate person just like other girls. And only a wise and sensitive man can prove to her that stereotypes do not define their mental periphery.


Thirdly, our movies tend to glint a misconception that a tomboyish girl undergoes lot of physical transformation once she falls in love. This is completely wide of the mark. Of course positive changes are always welcome, but in terms of conventional feminist qualities, a tomboy is aware of what she is and that is why there is a confidence that there is no need to change herself for anyone on this earth. If you feel that you can “fix” her once she falls in love with you then think again. If you really want her, let her know that you are okay with what she is. Never ask her to change and who knows she may wear a dress for u someday on her own.


If you get threatened by her bold nature then remember all the edgy, untamed energy she brought to your life in the first place. There is no doubt that a conventional girlfriend and a tomboy will be like chalk and cheese. However, the basic idea is to let every individual feel comfortable and, if you happen to date a tomboy, gradually allow her charisma to spread love like any other girl.


Disclaimer: All pictures are a result of Google search and I have no copy right over them.

  1. soniek says:

    Well said. Tomboys are some of the most misunderstood species on Earth. I can so relate to the point about them being considered as fun loving girls who’re not interested in romance. People from both genders get surprised when their tomboy friend announces to them that she has a crush or fallen in love with someone.

    • @Soniek:I am glad you found this article relatable. I have been a tomboy all my life and I know how difficult it becomes for us to put across our feelings. Being a tomboy doesn’t mean that she won’t get hurt, upset and lost.

  2. Akshit Choudhary says:

    But you already are an “awwwww” girl! 😛

  3. Mancy says:

    Loved it!! Sadly, this is only about dating. Check how it turns up when its time for wedding. I’ve got to hear almost 100 times from my in laws that I’ve to change myself a lot. This was seriously ridiculous and makes me feel like if I’m not that good enough that they are required me to change so much, why would they even be so welcoming at first place. Not just guys, but even the women need to change their attitude and accept other women with her individuality – whether she is a friend or daughter / sister-in-law.

    • @Mancy: Hey buddy! Sorry to disappoint you that this article did not cover the challenges faced during wedding scenario too. But, I completely agree with you that men and women in general need to accept tomboyish and bold women with her individuality – whether she is a friend or daughter / sister-in-law. Cheers !

  4. nickymathur says:

    I love the part when you talk about mistaking tomboys for lesbians. anyone who is different from the norm is Always criticised. I teach gifted students. Some kids hate to have extra talents! Just because they are segregated from the class and others treat them in a unique manner.

    Three cheers for coming up with such a brilliant blog. You just gave me food for thought 🙂

  5. pat.. says:

    I’m 19 and a tomboy .I really love the article .

  6. Anon says:

    Every female who doesn’t conform to so-called gender norms is NOT gay. It’s ridiculous to assume that a tomboy is gay. Some of my female relatives used to be tomboys.

  7. david alford says:

    I agree with article 100%. It is disgrace that the “progressive” ideology has not hijack the status of “Tomboy” and now they are trying to label it with being a Lesbian. I will say this once “Lesbian hate men” . Tomboys love men,they may hand around with nice guys,they have a few females, and they fall for the strongest man (opposite of their male friends). They love men, and they do not mind getting dirty to make living, or to have fun (sports, hunting etc) but at the end of the day, they love to be pampered, bubble baths, cuddle, kiss and adore by men. Lesbian , in my view, are lazy. They rely on victimization, to exploit men. At the end of day, they hate getting dirty, they do not want to pull their own weight and they hate men for being men. Tomboys usually in the long run, look better and make better mates than high maintenance girls.

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