I am not her worshiper. I am not even fond of her professional skills. No news about her has the potential to interest me. But this time, it seems, former beauty queen and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was determined to shun her critics and drive the paparazzi crazy with her breathtaking Cannes Film Festival appearance. Her Roberto Cavalli off-shoulder dress was something to talk about, and as even her husband Abhishek Bachchan puts, it forced everyone to keep “eyes wide open”.


In the past few years, there have been endless speculations about her dreary Cannes appearances and her increasing weight post pregnancy. In fact, some of the her overweight looks were so appalling that people who swore by this Devdas beauty wanted to shoot themselves between the eyes. I won’t deny. I was also one of those people who ranted that her time is over and she is good only for home utensil advertisements.


But, yesterday when I saw this goddess on the red carpet with confidence oozing from her eyes and smile, I was sure of one thing that marriage or motherhood can never eclipse the glory of the woman residing within you. The experience of getting back to shape and avoiding media glare for a significant time must have been exhausting at one level, but exceedingly stimulating at another. She has proved to be a hands-on wife and mother till now and no one can deny that. And when the moment came to showcase her gorgeous diva side, she did that too but at her own pace without getting into any number race.


Often we get exhausted exploring just one facet of our relationships. Nevertheless, events like this and efforts from celebrities like her are a reminder that sometimes you have to hit the rock bottom to recognize your vision and get the fortitude to silence your critics with élan. Whenever someone tries to propel in the direction of liberation, it definitely gets a mention on my blog. The catch is, no matter how many responsibilities and relationships you are handling, you need to define your awesomeness every once in a while just like Aishwarya stepped in and punched the geared-up pessimistic critics right in the face. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!


Disclaimer: All pictures are a result of Google search.

  1. Mancy says:

    Wow! I’ve been waiting for you to come up with another article on your blog. Almost checked about 4 times today and my god I am so lucky – my wish is granted. Your articles – the way you share your thoughts are just so terrific. Another awesome reminder from your end. You are AWESOME. Big Smiles and Hugs 🙂

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