I am not sure how much my readers missed me, but I missed writing on this place and interacting with you all a lot in the past two weeks. So, yes I am back after having a passionate love affair with Goa for almost a week. For some it would be a place for nomadic gypsy people; for some it would be a site for heritage houses; for some it would be about getting immersed in archaic church culture; for some it would be a place for unlimited booze and night life; for some it would be about meeting with new people, especially firangis; for some it would just be about a relaxing time with your friends or family.

No matter with what expectations you step on the land of GOA, one truth will seemingly come in the forefront that its effect works on you in a mysterious way! I had been planning this trip for many months, but I guess things appear superior when they happen spontaneously. GOA worked for me in a miraculous way. However, if I have to sum up its exuberant effect in an article then I will discuss the best places (out of all) I visited there and the feelings associated with it.

  1. Cafe Mambo

On our very first night in Goa, we went to Cafe Mambo that is situated in Tito’s Lane in Calangute. It is considered one of hottest nightspots here. After making our entry, sights like people sitting in a bar counter and having tequila shots in a row, group of friends cheering for them, couple dancing crazily on dance floor till the wee hours, girls unabashedly grooving to the beats of electrifying beats seemed straight out of a movie. The feeling of unrestraint was superseding everything. I was bit apprehensive at first, but the whole ambience of the club and the feeling of reunion with your friends were so overwhelming that my foot started tapping despite having a body burning with fever. I am not sure whether we had any rhythm or not, but we danced…danced…and danced….and I knew that the Goan feeling has already started penetrating our souls.


  1. Palolem and Colva beach

Next morning, we headed towards Palolem beach that is located in extreme south Goa. It was around 90kms from our hotel in Calangute, but its white sand and isolated status lured us to its shore anyhow. It is one of those few beaches in Goa that is still untouched with the regular visits of fishermen’s or tourists. And this is why when you dig your toes in the white sand and spread your arms to feel the fresh air, a sensation of tranquillity envelops you. Your inner self looms larger than your corporate image at that instant. After some heartfelt and warm conversation with each other, we moved to our next destination Colva beach.

Colva beach is also located in south Goa. Apart from beer and vodka, the most easily available alcoholic beverage here is Cashew feni. After our lunch session, we seated ourselves in a beach shack and enjoyed all our time till the sunset. The comforting and complacent feeling cannot be explained in words. So, I will leave that for you to experience yourself.


  1. Deltin Royal Casino

Perhaps this was the night that gave us the feeling of an achievement more than anything else. Walking into one of the most luxurious casinos in India, playing and winning was a different high. It was a high of self-reliance. The international casino games or unlimited beverages are not the only things that bind you there. Seeing people making and losing lump sum money in just few seconds truly justified the adage that “life is a gamble”. When we entered the casino we didn’t have any iota of knowledge about these games, but by the time we came out were well-aware of one game i.e. Roulette. We may or may not get to play in future, but at least we learned something new and absorbed a new world of unlimited money even though just for a night.


  1. Sunset cruise

This one hour cruise ride was also something that we will cherish all our lives. From Mandovi Bridge we were taken to a lovely ride that allowed us to get a grand view of most of the landmarks of Goa. The cruise had a bar and snack counter for serving the guests with scrumptious items. The ride started with a welcome dance that gave us an insight into goan folk dance. After some colourful and exciting dance items, the host of the evening urged all the couples, single girls and boys to come to the dance floor and rock it like there is no tomorrow. Needless to say, we couldn’t let this opportunity go easily. It felt as if we were deserted in the middle of ocean and had no worry to go back. This is the emotion we all want to experience at least once in our lifetime.


  1. Reunion

No, don’t get it wrong. It is not the name of a place, but it is the best place I have visited in recent times. Just imagine what I would have done if I was sitting in Cafe Mambo alone with a drink in my hand. What I would have done if I was walking alone towards the beach shacks. What I would have done folding my hands in a church and looking back to see there was no one waiting for me. What I would have done with my nervous mind in Deltin Royal Casino if I had no one to hold my hands. The sunset cruise would not have hold any denotation if I did not have anyone to look and smile idiotically. I wouldn’t even have dared to go for a jet ski ride if I didn’t have some reliable people boosting my confidence. And, is the Dil Chahta Hai Pose at Chapora fort really possible alone?

Yes, it’s the company of my friends that made all the difference. Meeting your closest people, doing whatever coming into your mind and pushing all the societal worries to one corner is something precious. And no matter what happens in future, it’s a path I will like to walk on again.

The places will keep changing, but the love for friends, love for travelling, love for freedom, love for exploration, and majorly love for yourself will always stay. Cheers to GOA!!!!


Disclaimer: This time all the pictures belong to me and I have full copyright over them 😉 😛


  1. Akshit Choudhary says:

    Absolutely magnificent description of the trip. Time off from the busy life well accounted for. Waiting for my own experience so that I’ll have something to write too. 😉
    And yes, the writer of the blog was missed. 🙂

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