The critical phase for film critics

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Movies
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“It does not have moments that stay with you.”

“You better carry saridon while seeing this”

Yes! You guessed it right. It is another Friday and the film critics are gearing up for what they are best known for- spitting venom on the fate of a movie or weaving a new hierarchy of glory for the entire team behind the movie. But, the question remains that is the credibility associated with the judgement of film critics still taken seriously? If the reception of certain movies by our India public is anything to go by, our Hindi film critics need to consider serious change in their profession.


Ironically, movies like Humshakals and Grand Masti were given zero star ratings unanimously from each and every reviewer. Yet the former collected over 70 crores and the latter set new record by entering the renowned 100 crore club despite being labelled a crass adult comedy. Not just this; Chennai Express- the second highest grossing movie till date- was called a “mindless” attempt at making people laugh. And the same critics tagged Aashqui 2 as a “soulless” movie. Of course the results are known to everyone. The list is actually never-ending.

On the other hand, amongst the 2014 bundle, films like Dedh Ishquiya, Highway, Gulaab Gang, and City Lights received astounding feedback from critics. These movies, as per them, had an element of hitting the bull’s eyes with the unique story presented by the makers. However, we were caught in a moment of disbelief when these movies barely managed to recover their production costs.

From the past few years, it has become quite clear that the box office numbers and the ratings given by the critics are at variance. People no longer bother about the ratings that get published every Friday; instead- thanks to the anecdote of paid reviews-they tend to go against what is being thrown at them every morning in the form of a website article. Even a decade ago, the scenario was different. People used to swear by the judgement value of film critics. Reviews were meant to discuss the pros and cons of a film so that people do not end up wasting money on a bad film. Fortunately or unfortunately, the lack of genuine and unbiased reviews in the recent times has murdered the professional magnitude of these so called film critics. Today, everyone with a social media account is a reviewer. The cine buffs seem to be at loggerheads with the likings of critics; they will go for every movie that is trashed by the reviewers. The recent success of Humshakals is probably a wakeup call about the fizzling condition of the critics.

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I am not sure whom to blame for this condition- the less evolved intellect of Indian film audience or the cynical reviews. It is a silly game to get into. But one thing is sure that journalism, in any area of specialization, is all about showing mirror to the society. It’s high time now that the film critics need to find a good grounding for themselves.


As for today’s released movie…ummm…I think Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya is going to earn good money. Not because it is a good film, but it is moderately run down by our critics. And you know what signal it means for the movie goers…


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  1. Mancy says:

    Hey do you know what.. When you said about paid reviews, I had a thought of Miss Malini. Ouch, I’m being so straight here, not sure if you may have to remove my comment in future. Still. :P, yes this is true that INDIAN AUDIENCE seems to have downgraded their tastes by watching mindless movies. I can hardly believe that 100 crores club movies were actually even capable enough to enter this club.

    • @Mancy: You are allowed to be candid on my blog. Diplomacy does not work here. And yes you are right that the majority of the reviews are paid these days. Most importantly, the taste of Indian audience needs to evolve significantly.

  2. Cinema Bits says:

    Its so disheartening to see such shit movie’s like #HSKD getting over average 3 stars out of 5! I mean whats the point?

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