The Act of innocence!

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Lifestyle, Love and Relationships
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Working in a commercial environment and investing most of your time sometimes turns out to be so brutal that you want to seize the higher ground by hook or by crook. Amrita was one such enthusiastic girl who was gradually paving her way to the epitome of success owing to her uprightness and the tendency to speak her mind without fearing anyone. However, the one thing that set her apart from everyone was that she was too mature as opposed to her real age. She could not only grasp official things easily, but could also uncover all the intentions enveloped under the sweet talks or activities of a person. There was nothing that could percolate to her inner self and make her think from heart, especially when was at work.


Once she went out with her set of friends and one of them coyly started throwing queries at her. “So, what kind of guy are you looking for?” At first she tried to ignore the prying coming her way by replying-“Haven’t thought about it. Don’t even want to think now.” But, the guy was adamant that day to dig out some kind of compassionate talks out of her, and thus kept the persisting on. Finally Amrita sensed what she is good at. She immediately retorted, “well, there is no point in trying because I am not interested in you so let the game end here.” And with this everyone started hooting and clinking their glasses. The boy seemed awfully mortified, but he tried to compensate with a feeble smile.

This was Amrita for everyone- smart, brash, uninhibited and someone who lacked the level of innocence prevailing in girls of her age. Innocence is when we try to understand the compassion of a person instead of being judgemental. Amrita, however, did quite the opposite; she judged a person first and then thought about the sensitivity involved. No matter what you share, do or say, she will always succeed in lacerating your ‘real’ objective behind it. So, someone inviting her to a party meant an attempt to get confidential gossip from her amidst the party; someone trying to help her with an office project meant trying to show others that she is worthless; her mother asking about her impending promotion meant she is supposed to contribute more to the family expenses. Compromising on her office timings just to help a road accident victim on the way or making a child feel good with a smile was certainly not her agenda. In short, according to her, there was a reason behind every action that surrounds her. Being unaware of someone’s intention and acting innocent was completely a quixotic situation for her.

Perhaps losing her father during her teens and being ditched badly twice in love was the reason behind it. With every passing month she could realize it even more that there was a crucial thing missing in her unlike girls of her age. Yes, that was Innocence! She had developed an unusual defence mechanism to safeguard her innocent sensitive side. Cut to office, today was one of her monthly report submission day. She hurried to her cubicle but was traumatised to see that the report which she prepared the previous day and saved in her folder was deleted due to some system problem. She spoke to some IT department and they started working to recover the file as soon as possible. She did not have much time left and the only thing she could think now was calling up her team mate-who was on leave- and see if he has some traces of the last month’s projects saved in his office system. If yes, she could refer his computer.

She opened her handbag to take out the phone call him. She felt that someone pulled the pin out of the grenade. To add to her deflated self confidence, she had left her phone in the cab which she hired to reach office on time. Indeed an awful day to begin with. She shook her head and tried to whiz by without showing the panic on her face. Ultimately she dialled her colleague’s number from the office landline phone. He picked up in the first ring itself. “Hey. Akhil here. Tell me”, he answered the phone.


Amrita was feeling bad to ruin his first day of holiday but continued, “Hi Akhil. This is Amrita. Sorry to disturb you. I need to ask you something. Do you have any record of the projects we dealt last month? Actually I had, but my computer turned back on me at the last moment. I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

Akhil was quiet was few seconds and finally spoke. “Umm..Actually Amrita I am sorry to hear this, but you know buddy I have a flight to catch exactly at 2 and for the security check in and other formalities I need to leave exactly two hours from now. I have some material with me, but I doubt whether amidst all the last minute packing I could be prove to be as hospitable as expected. Sorry dear.”

“That’s perfectly fine. Enjoy your holidays. Will see you soon.” And she dropped the phone with a gloomy tone. She thought may be a cup of tea would make her feel better. Leaving all her prospects of quarterly increment in the hands of IT department she headed towards the cafeteria. With a cup of tea in her hand she was thinking hard to recall some official things when she saw the taxi driver-who dropped her this morning-coming towards the reception area. Her curious mind commanded her to hasten straight to that area. As soon as she reached there the man looked at her and exclaimed, “There is she is! Madam I was talking about her. I wanted to meet her.”

Amrita was puzzled but then took the matters in her hand. “What happened? What work you have?

He put his hands in his pocket and started looking for something. In a split second he took out Amrita’s phone and signalled her with a smile. “This is yours na. You left it in my cab. I was trying to reach you since 20 minutes, but these people were not letting me talk to you. Please take it and let me go.”

Although she was stunned for a second, she tried to analyze what must be the purpose that he wasted 20 minutes of his life just to return a misplaced phone. Unable to think of anything else she opened her bag and tried to repay his helpful gesture with a note of 100 Rs. “A thank you was enough madam. Getting 100 Rs from you was not my intention. Good day madam”, he replied with a smile and started walking away.

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For so many years the theory of practicality and logic that Amrita believed in was contradicted today. She just couldn’t stop and screamed a big “Thank you” and waved hands to the taxi driver. He returned the gesture with a waving hand too. She felt as if she was acquainted to a strange truth today. Suddenly her phone beeped. It was none other than Akhil. She picked up immediately.

“Ya Akhil. Tell me.”

“What’s wrong with you? This is the fourth time I have called you. Anyway, just wanted to say I have mailed you most of the project details you need and that too in a systematic way. You just have to edit it. Have done it in a hurry, but I am sure you will manage.” He said in a single breath.

“Oh my god! That’s so thoughtful of you. But, you didn’t have to do this. I mean you are going for your honeymoon and instead of doing last minute packing you ended up doing this. I am so sorry and thankful at the same time.” Amrita was completely swayed by the two incidents that happened with her today.

She was interrupted mid way by Akhil with a chuckle, “Don’t think I did it expecting something in return. I did it for myself because I wouldn’t have been able to leave with a peace of mind. I am leaving for the maiden holiday with my wife and I don’t want anyone to clench teeth due to my absence. You have a great presentation Amrita and always remember there is a difference between being stupid and innocent. You just have to know when to bring out that side of you. Today, I was not stupid in helping you. Good luck lady. See you.”

His wordings touched a raw nerve it seemed. She looked outside where the taxi had left her and realized that if the attitude and perspective is right then even the brickbats can be converted into bouquets. As per the situation, you just need to oscillate between logic and compassion because that’s how you can purge out the deep-rooted social attitudes and tick all the boxes for bringing normalcy into your life.


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  1. Akshit Choudhary says:

    Another boring day and bamm….this article comes. Best till now in the collection!! Amazing thought process and exactly conveys what’s wrong with not just “Amrita” but with majority of professionals. We, in general, try to find that hidden agenda in the sweet talks all the time (mostly because that’s why the sweet talks exist). This is also one way of living, with innocence.
    Way to go buddy, nice one!! 🙂

    • @Akshit: If I am able to please this Nazi then surely something must be good in this 😉 Thanks buddy for always being one of the first readers of this blog. 🙂 🙂

  2. Mancy says:

    Beautiful, Indy! Absolutely beautiful. I loved this one too.

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