Trapped with the fixation of innovation

Posted: July 30, 2014 in Lifestyle, Personal
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Perfection. Innovation. Novelty. Excellence.

You can be a corporate professional, a reality show participant, an artist or a creative person in general. But, there is one thing common between you all. You are striving to find something innovative with your skills. In short, all the nouns mentioned at the beginning of the article is your daily source of motivation to something different; something that will make you stand apart from others; something that will make others laud your unique control over the proficiency; something that will not make you look like you a replica of your opponents.


As much as I want to appreciate this approach of life, I would also like to add that this should not be the sole driving force of every move of your life.

Imagine if every time a painter picks up his brush to draw a masterpiece, a guitarist pulls the string of his favourite instrument only to create the melody of the century, a call centre executive rings every consumer to trade by any forceful means, a writer starts writing only with the objective of winning the Man Booker Prize. If it starts happening with everyone then a voice of conscience will gradually hit you saying that is not an ideal situation. You will start getting fatigued exploring that “perfect” part of yourself persistently.


The hunger of doing something new should always be there, but it must not empower the thoughts so much that you start losing sight of what you actually loved in the first place. You are a painter because you love to paint, not because you want your name to get inscribed as the best painter of the century; you are a writer because you are a worshipper of words and you love to weave stories with those words, not because you are aiming for the best novelist award. It goes same with other professions and creative fields. I have wasted many precious hours in just finding that one innovative piece of story. Until I realized that my passion should be about writing and showing my expression instead of bottling up ideas in the search of exclusivity.


If with regular practice you come out with a masterstroke then that will be your day my friend, but until then keep nurturing your skills even if it means toiling in a pool of mediocrity. Do not negate all the hard work you put for the madness and passion for innovation. In this era of cutthroat competition, it will mean being unkind to your talent if you start sinking under the weight of uniqueness and innovation. Truth to be told, it is very important to create something out of your skills without the angst to leave others behind.

It takes lot of courage to get out of the cyclical clout of negativity and stand the test of time. The catch is, chart your own course, enjoy what you are good at and rip your heart out to do your best. After all, building confidence is more important than building anxiety.


P.S: All images used are a result of Google search and I have no copyright over them.



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