28 August, 8:30 AM. Its Trisha’s birthday. Should I call her and wish her this time like I always did all these years or just drop an impassive Facebook birthday wish. Wait a minute. Why I am even thinking about her. I have moved on; having a stable family, a rewarding job and of course happily married for last 6 months. If there was even an iota of contemplation in her then she would have called me at least once, let alone sending me a birthday card like college days.

It was Riya- a student of commerce and now an accounts executive in a leading private bank. Perhaps she took her career choice very seriously because everything about her was calculative. Case in point, the way she was mumbling regarding a birthday wish. Today was Trisha’s birthday. Her best friend from school, but from the past couple of years things were far away from hunky dory between them. There was no particular reason that could be attributed to it. However, one thing led to another in a complicated fashion. Riya was never good at maintaining relationships thanks to her ever-growing ego. Still there was a considerate side to her that only Trisha knew and that’s why she never left her side come what may! The bond between Trisha and Riya was beyond any words of affection and trust.


However, few years ago, when Riya lost her sister in an accident things started souring between both of them. Riya reacted sharply to the commiseration support provided by Trisha during those days. Riya strongly claimed that she need not be presented with redundant empathy and the only favour she wanted was leaving her alone. Contrary to what most people would feel during those moments of upfront apathy, Trisha did not take into account those remarks at all; instead she stood like a solid rock for Riya, and the only thing she kept repeating to her mind was “If I leave her hand now, I may lose her forever.”

Things started changing when Trisha moved into another city and stopped calling her like she used to before. Ego commenced its game of supremacy and even Riya refused to communicate further with Trisha. Alas, nothing could be heard about her now apart from occasional Facebook statuses. It’s been a year there is no concrete communication between then. And yes it’s 28 August, 8:30 AM.

I still remember when I got a compartment in Mathematics she followed a votive offering to her favourite god so that I clear the exam with flying colours. And sending me a box full of dry fruits when I told her that my blood pressure was below normal range was something out of the world. She also…..uhhh……there are so many memories. Why she ceased the communication between us suddenly? Let it be. Let her through attitude, I won’t call her too…….No, I will call her today. Let’s see what she is up to.

“Arvind you please find your lucky pair of socks yourself. I have a call to make.” Riya answered back to her husband who was apparently searching something beneath the bed. She quickly took out her phone, logged into Facebook and searched for the latest phone number of Trisha.

There it is. Finally. Today she will get a bashing from me. And here goes the call.

“Hello. May I know who is calling?” A voice from the other end of the phone asked in a very frail tone.

Riya answered, “I knew you would not recognize. But, anyway, wish you a very Happy Birthday stupid. You are out of touch for many months now. No mercy for you.”

“Oh my god It’s you Riya. Thanks so much buddy.” Then there was an awkward pause.

Riya sensed a certain level of detachment in her tone, but gathered courage to continue. “Where have you been? I was just bit lost in certain things but at least you could have tried to contact me. You snuffed everything at the snap of fingers. “

“Well, Riya I hope you remember that once I told you that the earth does not revolve around you. If you are lost in your life then even I am allowed to be busy with mine.”

Trisha got a very unsettling feeling with this reply; however, she was not willing to let her go this time. “Why are talking so crudely? What’s wrong? I have never seen you talking like this ever. Is everything alright? You can share with me.”

Trisha replied, “Nopes. I just want to be alone for some time. Please don’t ask further questions. Anyway, thanks for your call. Can I put down the phone now? I hope I am not asking enough”

“Are you telling me what the fuck is wrong with you or shall I call your parents and ask. You know me well if you try to fool around me, I will keep poking. Is that clear?” Riya moderately raised her voice.

“I am sorry if I am causing any kind of umbrage right now. All I can say is that it seems everything is on the ebb for me. I am not having a stable mental bandwidth ever since my engagement broke. I didn’t share on any social networking sites but I got engaged to a boy of my parent’s choice eight months back. They just backed out at the last moment. Methinks the exuberance of so-called life is completely lost because the societal wrath is constantly coming on me. I just want to be alone buddy. Please let me understand my existence in a better way with aloofness.” Trisha finally opened about herself though in a reluctant way.


Riya had only two things to ask. “You still live in Pune? And what about your job?”

“Yes. I am in Pune. But, there is no job since I left my previous one for getting married to that jerk. And considering the current situation of sitting idle at home for nearly a year no company is enthusiastic about my resume.” Trish replied very meekly.

“Okay. You are on Skype I know. Come online. We need to talk. Plus, I have some job considerations for you as well. My bank needs dedicated people like you. Come out of the self-centred communal trap.” Riya said.

Trisha now started sounding worried. “But, I don’t think I have that thing in me anymore. I can’t do it.”

“Imagine I am taking your Skype interview. Now can you come online please? There are lots to talk and I want to see you.” Riya asserted.

“Okay. Thanks. Coming.” Trisha agreed half-heartedly.

A feeling of appeasement was visible on Riya’s face after the phone call. She sent an official mail and sent straight to her husband.

“Arvind I am not going to office today. Need to talk to my friend Trisha. You remember I told you about her.”

Arvind was not so convinced about the idea. “What’s the need? I mean, you can talk to her even in evening as well sweetheart. Save the holidays we might need for our next trip.”


“It’s urgent.” Riya gave a firm look.

Arvind smiled and asked “May I know why”?

While logging into her Skype account she looked at him and replied, “Because if I leave her hand now I may lose her forever.”

“You know something…That’s why I love you so much. “ Arvind waved hands and walked out of the room.

Riya knew that the time for Role Reversal had come. All her life she got the unconditional support from her dearest buddy; this time it was her turn to switch roles and amputate the melancholy attached to that person who has always stood next to her regardless of the gravity of the situation.


In everyone’s life, at some stage, there comes a situation that demands role reversal. When your mother grows old and falls sick she becomes your daughter. When your big brother undergoes a difficult situation, you act elder and become his guiding force. When you get betrayed from your love, your friend uproots your mind from that toxic time. When your wife feels unsheltered, you do everything in your capacity to give her the warmth of a caring father. When your mentor gets stuck in the middle of something, you try your best to show him/her the correct path.

Yes! Life on many occasions demand a role reversal to propagate a complacent feeling to all the irrevocable situations. We just need to know the ropes to understand the demarcation.


P.S: All pictures are a result of Google search and I have no copyright over them.



  1. Nice story, really nice….friends, relations, I think I need to make a call

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