“This is such a horrible thing. Is it happening because I am a woman or I am married to a man from another country, why am I picked on? I got medals for India after I got married. If someone questions my roots, my family even after all that I won’t let that happen. I will remain an Indian until the end of my life”.

When ace tennis player Sania Mirza got married to Pakistan’s cricket player Shoaib Malik in 2010 she never thought that this may be used against her someday to satisfy political appetite. It is never a wise thought to juxtapose politics and sports. Yet Telangana BJP leader K Laxman, a couple of weeks ago, sparked an unwarranted controversy by addressing Sania Mirza as “daughter-in-law” of Pakistan, thereby questioning her integrity to be the brand ambassador of Telengana. The statement clearly did not go down well with Sania and thousands of her followers across the country. It pained so much when the video of her breaking down in an exclusive interview with Barkha Dutt got viral over internet.


Cut to Sep 2014, nearly two months after the controversy, Sania Mirza again hit the headlines. This time to put an end to all the speculations concerning her ‘Indian-ness’. She gave a thunderous response to K Laxman’s comment by winning the US Open Mixed Doubles Finals in partnership with Brazil’s Bruno Soares. She is the first Indian female tennis player to have won the Grand Slam title.



Immediately after winning the title, Sania chose to dedicate her victory to her fellow countrymen. She said, “I dedicate this victory to everybody in India, my country, and to the state of Telangana and all people of Telangana,”. This itself speaks a lot about her skills as a sportswoman and mettle to fight back all the odds.

After making it to six Grand Slam finals I don’t think she needs to establish anything in terms of her talent and expertise over the game. Howbeit, the way some politicians exploit her personal life for their political intention is completely appalling. Sports person should always be privy to constant encouragement from their countrymen. There should be some emotional anchor that can boost their self-esteem to fight till end to raise their country’s flag. So, Mary Kom is not a chinki and neither Sania Mirza is a Pakistani. They are those rare Indians who have the guts to stand up and make India bask in the glory of success. We are proud of Sania and its high time the politicians find some other issue to come in the glare of publicity.

My heartiest congratulations to Sania for adding a major triumph to her name.

sania mirza

  1. Anindita says:

    feeling pride for her!! ur is also greate as well as her!

  2. loved your post but something happened yesterday and I am hopeful that things will change.


    read on to know what happened. 🙂

    Sports person should be honoured right they deserve it, truly in every sense

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