“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” – Fawn Weaver

What this simple quote brings to table is pure logic. Although the bestselling author said it in context to marriage, I feel it applies to every facet of your life. Being happy is not a rocket science; you cannot wake up one day, read some philosophical quotes and arrive to the conclusion that you are happy. Problems are ploy of life to make you squirm with insecurity. This inescapable concept, in every run of our lives, germinated long back. However, in wider domains of human lives, it does ring a bell. Is there really any secret or magic potion to be happy? Is happiness really a matter of choice rather than destiny?

I may not be able to render you any stand-alone concrete evidence, but- over a period of time I have realized-there are some things that if you let go today then the likelihood of having a regret later on in your life can be evaded to some degree. As for me, the result may not be a 100% happy mind-because that would qualify to living a life full of mockery- but at least I have started enjoying an extension of peaceful and calmer soul. In this article, I would like to discuss some of the prominent things that I have tried to overcome in the past few years.

Letting go the fear of travelling: For some years now, I have made constant efforts to move candidly like a bird, listening to the vast unexplored world that beckons me. I have conditioned my soul and spirit to lead life –on some lucky weeks in a year-without a compass. These are days that let me learn breeziness and unlearn a monotonous routine life. The consequence- I am able to come back and embrace my personal and professional life with more passion and energy. There is always something you learn at the end of every vacation, and after letting go that fear of travelling and habit of leading a tedious schedule, the one thing that is unvarying in me is my longing to keep moving. No matter what you do, how much you earn, and what kind of responsibilities overpower you, once in a while it is good to pack your bags and set off to an unexplored location. Trust me, when you will be in your 50’s managing to eat without some of your teeth’s, you will never regret this in your life!

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Letting go the apprehension to come out of a bad relationship: We all love and foster our relationships, don’t we? Contrary to popular notions, not every relation is intended to bring out the best in you. It can be your lover, a bad-ass friend or a nagging relative, whoever it is, if any relationship is not letting you grow individually and not making you a better person or hampering your emotional equilibrium, just bid adieu to it as soon as possible. No matter how difficult it may seem at first, when 20 years down the line you would be sipping your favourite cola and thinking about your guts to stand up for yourself, this will only bring a smile on your face.

Older Couple Hugging at Beach

Letting go the anxiety of limiting yourself because of gender: When was the last time you were told things like “You need to learn cooking as you are approaching a marriageable age” or “Being a girl you should leave your office by 6” or “You are a guy and you need to start saving money” or “Why are you always game for pink shirts, you are a man “. The modern dynamics of civilization is different and thinking on the same lines mentioned above can severely impede your journey of being consumed and happy with yourself. Do not let your gender define what you are capable of- instead just go out and clinch things that make a positive difference to your life. 10 years down the line when you would be bogged down with additional liabilities at least you won’t say the most remorseful lines in the world—I WISH I HAD DONE THAT!!!


Letting go the practice of holding grudges and not expressing to people you love: The exponential amount of hard work that you do everyday should not be an excuse to feel irritated and lose out on quality time that you could spend with your family and friends. Remember in the long run, these are the only people who would prove to be your most precious investment. Sure there are some who were close to you at once, but now are as good as strangers. Nevertheless, the least you can do is refraining from holding any grudges against them. In this way, you will take away the power from them to hurt and occupy your mind anymore. Never hesitate to express your feelings towards people who mean something to you. You never know your small gesture could end lighting many faces. Three decades later when some of these people would help you out to plan a surprise birthday for your granddaughter, you would just wink and feel good with what you have achieved over the years.

Simple secret of happiness

Letting go the urge to sleep “10 minutes” more and skipping gym: Yes, this one is equally important as all the points discussed above. What’s the point of earning money and being good to others if your body is not in a condition to support your impromptu ventures? A healthy body signifies a healthy and relaxed mind. The routine of working out should seamlessly seep into your daily life. Do anything- a brisk walk, running, rope skipping, or anything that can contribute towards shedding those extra kilos. But, avoid that urge to sleep ten minutes more. Some years later when everyone would startle at your robust personality, you would exude nothing else but positivity.


Happiness is a delusion. With my experience, I can just tell that happiness is inversely proportional to regrets. The less number of regrets, the more happiness prevails. Pour all your desires and in a glass and make your soul drink it. And yes certainly- “Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” 🙂

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  1. Akshit Choudhary says:

    So the magic potion says “let go attitude” plus “gym” equals Happiness!! (Damn you Gym 😛 :D)
    Back after long time with all the required ingredients to brew the potion for happiness standing upto the anticipation of your readers. *Applause*
    I read somewhere “A clear conscience is a sure sign of a bad memory”. I think of happiness objectively. The more you try to dig it up, more confused you’ll get. No person can be regret free. There are always some dreams/wishes buried deep down which won’t get fulfilled ever. The art you talked about more or less relies on how well a person justifies the word happiness. Being fat and still relishing those calories to your heart’s content can be the definition of happiness for one! (The person might miss up bungee jumping or riding a bike but we wont know if he really liked that) 🙂 .
    All I am saying is, the ingredients of magic potion might differ widely from person to person.
    For starters, they can start with this article and later can have their own flavors too!
    P.S. Not being a critic of the article. I’d love to hear your thoughts too about this. 🙂

    • @Akshit: Yes I completely consent with the vision you shared above. I feel art and happiness is always subjective. The opinions and solutions varies from person to person. No one can define art, courage, happiness and love precisely ever. As you said, this write up is more about the initial effort and a big shout to people who are still imprisoned within limitations. I tried to conquer some of the things that were caging me and thus shared them with the readers. The idea is to penetrate the minds of people who still feel happiness is just about “destiny”. Hope you enjoyed reading buddy. 🙂

  2. Anusia says:

    Well I am very glad to read this post.At least there is someone on this earth who thinks like me. I too do not follow the stupid rules made by the people.

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