This time life imitates cinema for filmmaker Kunal Deshmukh……..

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Love and Relationships, Movies, Nation and Politics, Social
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For those who usually have a hard time in keeping pace with avalanche of film-related information, Kunal Deshmukh is the name behind movies like Jannat, Jannat 2 and Tum Mile. Howbeit, this article is not about discussing his cinematic achievements or failures so far. This morning Kunal Deshmukh is again back to limelight(not because of any of his upcoming endeavor) because of his resurrecting escape from earthquake-hit Nepal.

Kunal, who went to Kathmandu last week to attend the wedding of his school friend, ended up spending the most horrifying three days of his life there with his girlfriend Sonali. Yes, he was stuck in the same 7.9 magnitude earthquake that rattled the breath out of Nepal. Although he is back now, it will take a while for him to get out of the heartbreaking ordeal he went through.



Explaining the mental and physical trauma he said, The ground moved violently beneath your feet and it makes your stomach feel squeezy. There were people crying and collapsing being on the edge for so long. For those two days, we survived on chips, biscuits and water that the little shops were selling, but we didn’t want to eat as the loos were so bad. Amongst thousands and thousands of people, there was just one toilet and no one to clean it, so if you landed up going to the toilet, there was shit lying everywhere on the floor.”


Too many thoughts were vying for my attention after reading his experience, but finally my thinking nerves were stretched as violin strings to a connotation. Mostly it has been seen that art imitates life; in case of Kunal possibly his cinema got imitated by life. In 2009, when he directed Tum Mile—based on the story of a couple stuck in a natural disaster of Mumbai floods- he barely had any idea that someday life may come full circle with this concept.



The way I am looking at it, the analogy between fiction and real, in this case, is mysterious and totally unavoidable. Filmmakers usually try to present us a slice of real world by taking themes inspired from real life. What happened with Kunal is diametrically opposite. His story of a couple surviving amidst a natural crisis for few days is obviously in the same lines of his own movie. Those of you who have seen Tum Mile would consent to this I am sure. I agree that the screenplay of movie was slightly lose, leading to its failure, but today I can only presume one thing that when world falls to shreds you have no other option apart from wringing your hand in hope. Perhaps life has different ways of teaching you to maintain equilibrium despite all the emotional storms coming you way.

Kunal has come back as a changed man. With a new found gratitude and reverence he says, “Before leaving I was thinking of which film and which producer, but now I don’t care anymore. I will never ever complain about the small stuff in life.”

Experiences like this are not just a piece of news, it is life. Knowingly or unknowingly it may define our way of living. Often life induce emotions that fills your psyche with strong, very strong prayers, every now and then. It gives you the assurance to chart your own course, show gratitude and rise above adversity and intolerance. Instead of sinking under the weight of pretensions, let us pray for exuding positivity at every situation of life. The fact that the whole world is coming together to provide aid to Nepal- so that their disrupted life gets back on track-speaks volumes about the prayer and positivity I am talking about here.

God bless and protect all mankind!


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